Sefam PolyLink

PolyLink is a system that allows to record all the necessary data for the realization of a control polygraphy with S.Box

This accessory, used during treatment, integrates sensors for measuring thoracoabdominal movements and body position. It ensures real-time synchronization of recorded signals with information from S.Box such as flow rate or leaks, and SpO2 from Nonin's WristOx2 bluetooth oxymeter.

The breathing efforts and patient position are recorded by the PolyLink central kit. The oxymeter records SpO2, heart rate and pulse wave. The correct installation of these sensors is directly controlled thanks to the indications displayed on the CPAP screen.

The information collected by PolyLink is recorded on the CPAP SD card and analyzed using Sefam Analyze software (from version 2.0 onwards).

programming and functioning

Recorded data

Signals visualization

  • Bluetooth low energy
  • Verification of the correct positioning of the sensors and the battery charge level on the S.Box screen
  • Checking the communication with the oxymontre on the S.Box screen
  • Checking the presence of an SD card in S.Box
  • Checking the communication with S.Box on the PPC screen
  • Automatic start at the same time as processing
  • Thoraco-abdominal movements (central effort/position kit)
  • Body position (central effort/position kit)
  • SpO2 (wristband oxymeter)
  • Heartbeats (wristband oxymeter)
  • Pulse wave (wristband oxymeter)
  • Flow rate (S.Box)
  • Leaks (S.Box)
  • Pressure (S.Box)
  • Gathering of data from S.Box and PolyLink on Sefam Analyze via the SD card of S.Box
  • Visualization of signals and automatic or manual scoring of the respiratory events, desaturations and other types of events
  • Polygraphy reports including CPAP analysis during the same night
  • Lithium battery 
  • Bluetooth Low Energy 4.1
  • Dimensions of the effort/position kit dimensions : 37x67x22mm (41x71x30mm fixing equipment to belt included)
  • Weight of the effort/position kit : 60g
  • Dimensions of the transport bag : 200x150x60mm


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PolyLink Brochure English  PDF  28/02/2019 download
PolyLink Brochure Spanish PDF 20/10/2020 download
PolyLink installation and use procedure English PDF 28/02/2019 download
PolyLink installation and use procedure German  PDF 20/10/2020  download
PolyLink installation and use procedure Spanish  PDF  20/10/2020 download 
  PolyLink installation and use procedure Italian PDF 20/10/2020  download
 PolyLink installation and use procedure Dutch  PDF  20/10/2020  download
 PolyLink installation and use procedure Portuguese PDF  20/10/2020  download
 PolyLink installation and use procedure Japanese PDF  20/10/2020 download 


Produits complémentaires








PolyLink complete kit (oxymeter not included)


Oxymeter Nonin WristOX2


PolyLink module for S.Box


PolyLink effort/position kit


USB charger for effort / position kit


Power cord for USB charger


PolyLink effort sensor / Thorax


PolyLink effort sensor / Abdomen


PolyLink effort belt


PolyLink efforts/position kit holder


PolyLink transport bag


SEFAM Analyze software


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