The Sefam S.Box concept

As there is not one profile that suits all CPAP patients, we believe patients need to be treated individually and more effectively.

S.Box is much more than a treatment device, it is an innovative concept of ‘precision medicine’ that puts the patients at the center of their treatment.

In addition to the innovations of the Auto-CPAP device, the S.Box by Starck concept offers mobile apps and the use of compatible connected devices. These provide not only day-to-day follow up of the treatment but also other important patient-specific physiological parameters such as

  • Blood pressure
  • Weight
  • Physical activity
  • Oxigen saturation
  • Heart rate
  • ...

The SEFAM Access mobile app facilitates the interaction between the patient and his healthcare professional using surveys and messaging tools

All data from the patient and his treatment are encrypted and stored anonymously in the secured ‘Sefam Connect’ database. Only those stakeholders that have been granted the proper rights, have access to this database. The transmission of the data is facilitated by the SEFAM Access app that communicates with the S.Box using Bluetooth. Other means of data transmission directly from the S.Box include the GPRS modem and the Wifi module.

The Sefam S.Box truly is the next step in advanced e-health technology, personalized medicine and makes the patient owner of his treatment.

SEFAM Access, the app for the patient

SEFAM Access is a free mobile app that was created especially for the patient. Thanks to Sefam Access patients can now follow their treatment indicators day-by-day as well as other health parameters (either entered manually or via connection with ‘connected devices’). In addition, SEFAM Access facilitates the transmission of this information to the health professional, the communication with the professional, the remote control of the device, the access to useful information etc.

The app is showing the data in a simple and educational format, in numbers and in graphs, all color-coded for easy interpretation.

SEFAM Access is available in both iOS and Android versions, and can be downloaded on Smartphones and tablets from the App Store as well as from Google Play.

SEFAM Access Pro, the professional version

In its advanced version, SEFAM Access Pro, the application offers more additional functions especially for the healthcare professionals:

  • A very close follow up of treatment indicators
  • Remote setting of the S.Box treatment parameters
  • Communication with the patient and his connected devices
  • In-app patient population management tools
  • Preparation of patient (home) visits
  • Access to the Sefam Connect telemonitoring platform

Connected devices

Several Sefam S.Box connected devices are now available: 

  • Activity trackers
  • Scales
  • Blood pressure meters

Nos Solutions

Les produits développés par SEFAM regroupent tout le savoir-faire français de haute précision de nos ingénieurs et de notre conseil scientifique afin de proposer des dispositifs médicaux pensés avec les médecins et les PSAD pour un meilleur soin des patients.