EcoStar Info

EcoStar Info is an advanced CPAP device and detects inspiratory flow limitations, snoring and residual apneas/hypopneas.

Detailed usage data is saved for one year in the device’s memory, as well as the patient’s actual flow for the last 16 hours of use. This data can be analyzed using the DreamStar Analyze software and presented in the form of a summary report and graphs to simply and comprehensively assess the efficacy of the therapy.


When the patient removes the mask, the pressure drops to the minimum level in just a few seconds. The device turns off after 30 minutes if the therapy is not resumed.



The ‘Auto-on’ function allows the patient to start the treatment with a single breath in the mask. The device can be started at any time by pushing the on/off button.

intelligent ramp (I-Ramp)

The intelligent ramp function (I-Ramp) makes it possible to start the treatment at an adjustable, more comfortable pressure (the ‘comfort pressure’), making falling asleep easier and more comfortable. It also optimizes the treatment efficacy by adapting the time in ramp to the detection of respiratory events that indicate that the patient is asleep. Once the device detects respiratory events (indicating that the patient is asleep), it will gradually and comfortably increase the pressure to reach the prescribed pressure or switch on the auto-algorithm depending on the selected mode. As the total duration of the ramp will be reduced, patients spend more time at effective pressure improving their overall compliance.


specific auto-calibration

Choose any type of mask or tubing!  Versatility and flexibility were never easier thanks to our advance resistance control. This technology will ensure that the prescribed pressure is delivered at the patients interface at all times regardless of the configuration of the pneumatic pathway (mask type, diameter and length of the circuit and the presence or absence of a humidifier).


EcoStar Auto is compatible with the OxyLink module (which synchronises oximetry data) and can be linked to the remote tracking platform SEFAMConnect.

Battery Operation

A cigarette-lighter cable is available as an accessory.

comfort Calibration feature (CC+)

This feature improves the patient’s breathing comfort during treatment in CPAP and Auto-CPAP mode. This technology makes it possible to increase the pressure when inhaling and decrease it when exhaling, with these variations adapting naturally to the patient’s respiratory cycles without compromising the efficacy of the treatment.


EcoStar Auto is compatible with the GKH2O heated humidifier.

Mode Pressure Max flow Ramp time Noise level Dimensions Weight


4 to 20 cm H2O adjustable in 0,5 cm H2O increments

150 lpm at   20 cm H2O Adjustable from 0 to 45mn  27 dBA D x W x H:   
20 x 14 x 8 cm
750 g without power supply


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Complementary products









GKH2O reservoir: M-314600-11


GKH2O water chamber opener: M-414600-12


GKH2O water chamber silicon connector: M-414600-15


EcoStar air inlet filter: M-315940-01 (50 pcs)


GK420 EU power supply: M-413910-00


Cigarette lighter cable 1,5A: M-213930-03


1,8m ∅22mm patient circuit: M-261000-04


Hybernite heating patient circuit with power supply: ROC2300


Hybernite circuit: HBT300


Power pal on/off switch for Hybernite: POWERPAL


EcoStar carrying bag: M-214531-01

Complementary products